CHARLES Okah, facing trial over his role in 2010 Independence day bomb blasts in Abuja, yesterday attempted to commit suicide at the Federal High Court.The melodrama began when Okah sought the per- mission of the trial Judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, to express his feelings on what he described as “an endless trial’ following the absence of his lawyer in court.Justice Kolawole granted his plea without an inkling that the accused person was plotting to end his life.

Okah, who spoke emotion- ally for about five minutes, lamented: “I have been incarcerated for about five years now, and I have a family to cater for.“My children would grow up without feeling the warmth of their father. I’m tired of this endless trial.”After ending his speech, he dashed towards an empty chair in the court room and moved towards a window in the five-storey building where he attempted to break the louvers to jump down.

His move was, however, aborted as he was wrestled down by lawyers and other litigants who over powered him.Justice Kolawole adjourned the suit abruptly till October 20, 2015.The trial of Okah, has been characterized by controvesies including changing of counsel and issues concerning his ill-health.

He had accused the ad- ministration of Goodluck Jonathan in his prison note of embarking on witch-hunt and personal vendetta:In the said document, he stated “ Ever since the said bombings, I have been incarcerated. It’s been more than four years without trial and without bail in the pit of hell.

“Depending on the out- come of the March 2015 election, this mental and physical punishment may end in 2015 or 2019. What manner of justice is this? Since 2010, the Jonathan government has locked me up (sometimes under inhumane conditions) on the pretext that I am a terrorist, a murderer. But the fact is that I am none of what the government is alleging.

“However, if the government believes I am, then, it behooves her to accord me a free and speedy trial as dictated by the Nigerian laws and international conventions. But this has not been the case. Instead, the Jonathan administration has, on several occasions, accused me of delay tactics: they accused me of employing tricks that makes my prosecution difficult, if not out- right impossible. How could this be? How could this be when I am not the police, the State Security Service (SSS), the prosecutor and or the judge?“The fact is that the Nigerian government does not have evidence that directly or indirectly link me or my brother to the said events. What the government has are false and made up evidence.

“My continued incarceration is not about justice. This is not about finding the truth. This is not about prosecuting and punishing those who carried out the symbolic events of October 2010. No! This is plain and simple a vendetta, retribution and punishment for the things my brother and I refused to do against the interest and wellbeing of Nigeria.”